25/2 09.30-11.30 Energy+Mobile for Development25/2 12.00-14.00 Taking Mobile Agriculture Innovation To Market25/2 14.30-16.30 Fast Track your Mobile Identity proposition: Put the ‘I’ back into ID25/2 17.00-19.30 Mobile: A Lifeline in Disasters26/2 08.30-10.45 Connected Living: mAutomotive - Navigating the changing landscape of connected cars26/2 11.00-12.00 Connected Living: New Business Models in Action26/2 12.15-13.30 Connected Living: mEducation: the future of learning26/2 14.00-16.30 Rich Communications: can you afford not to join?26/2 17.00-19.00 Near Field Communication :  Can mobile NFC enrich transportation services?27/2 09.00-10.30 Generation ‘M’: how young people are driving and innovating the mobile industry27/2 11.00-12.30 Enablers of Our Mobile Future - Content or Technology: What are the trends driving data demand?27/2 13.00-15.30  Near Field Communication :  Can mobile NFC expand the horizon for retail?27/2 16.00-19.00 Mobile Money for the Unbanked – INVITE ONLY28/2 09.00-10.30 OneAPI: Unlocking value in the mobile ecosystem with Network APIs28/2 11.00-12.15 Connected Living: Solving a global problem – mHealth for non-communicable diseases28/2 12.30-13.30  Connected Living: mHealth making a positive difference to end users28/2 13.45-14.45 The Mobile World Capital Barcelona – mHealth Competence Center28/2 15.00-16.00 Government Activity in mHealth and Opportunities for Mobile